Jennifer Lopez Wore Fuchsia Jumpsuit With Jewelry And a Golden Belt


jennifer-lopez-wore-jumpsuit-with-jewelry-and-a-golden-beltJennifer Lopez Wore Fuchsia Jumpsuit With Jewelry And a Golden Belt Sumptuous J -Lo was seen upon her arrival on the set of the show “American Idol” in Hollywood!

Latina singer looked stunning in the proper sense of the term, with its fuchsia combination was further highlighted her tan. With her mane of a lioness, Jennifer had matched her outfit with jewelry and a golden belt, all very discreet focus on her jumpsuit. Jennifer, who recently was honored for her support to the gay community, has sensation throughout Hollywood. So if you want to have the same look as that will perform with Pitbull anthem “We Are One (Ole Ola)” on the occasion of the World Cup football is here:

Jennifer Lopez

This is a very simple look that offers us the singer. For that you need a combination fuchsia (Kiabi, € 14.99), but beware, not faded or pastel color, fuchsia that from far away! If the option does not appeal to you combishort it offers an alternative with a fuchsia blouse (Available in pink on the site, Grain malice, € 24.99) matching mini shorts (Miss Selfridge, € 39). Something for everyone! For shoes opt for a pair of beige heels discrete (Chaussmoi 29 €). Warning, do not forget the detail that makes all the fine golden belt (The deals, € 39)!


So what we think of fuchsia jumpsuit J- Lo ?