Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Secrets


Katrina Kaif’s Beauty SecretsMany of the actress of the Indian Bollywood film industry has been pronounced as the Miss World and Miss Universe just because of their beauty and their perfect womanly curve and they have got world wide fame in the fashion and film industry after appearing in the movies. Well, here i am going to let you know about the beauty secrets of the Bollywood actress named Katrina Kaif. For Katrina Kaif her beauty and personality is very important as she has got the fame on the national and international level and has made a lot of the fans world wide so she have some of the beauty secrets which make her beautiful and attractive all the time. Here are some of the Katrina Kaif’s Beauty Secrets for you.

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Well, every women want to look like a celebrity like Katrina Kaif and for that you have to get a personality like her first of all you have to make your self physically fit as to her level to get a personality like her and for that you have to join some yoga classes or work out with a especially diet plan which doesn’t affect you in negative sense means it should make you smart not week. Katrina Kaif says that she is very conscious about her diet and physique and she have never compromised on her daily diet which make her refreshing and perfect in the shapes.

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She said during an interview about her Beauty that her beauty secret is her diet she said that, “I start my day with four glasses of water, avoid foods with starch and focus on having fresh boiled vegetables and eat fresh fruits every two hours”.

Here is the Diet plan of Katrina Kaif:

Breakfast: Cereals and oatmeal
Lunch: Grilled/steamed fish with buttered brown bread
Evening snacks: Brown bread peanut butter sandwich
Dinner: Soup, fish and some chapattis with grilled vegetables

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While talking about the make up she said that she have a never find it good to apply a heavy amount of makeup on her as it can harm her skin. But she like to make her skin refreshing so she use some of the cosmetics to make her skin glowing and soft.