Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women


Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women. Khaadi’s latest summer range consists of two-piece lawn dresses for girls. Khaadi’s Mid Summer Two Piece collection seeks to establish new trends at affordable prices. Includes kurta turf with embroidered trousers and beautifully decorated patterned dupattas. This collection is bringing very intricate and diverse patterns, from boho-chic to geometry, abstracts to floral and folk to contemporary.

Exploring the feel of feminine beauty with the traditions of the past as Khaadi brings a variety of fabrics such as printed chamois silk, embroidered chiffon suits along with gold and paste printed designs with chiffon dupattas.
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Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women

Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection

Khaadi Midsummer Collection is offering a style that is ideal for any casual need. The colors have added the touch of charisma in the synthesized range of khaadi. Such as the bright fabric with deep patterns and deep bases with ulta chic contrasts are some of the most beautiful looks of summer. The Khaadi Midsummer two-piece seamless herbal collection is available at stores between 1,850 and 2,800 prices. To show your style and get a surprise factor in the costumes; There is nothing so beautiful as the collection of two pieces of summer grass.

Khaadi is the premium clothing brand of Pakistan, started operating in 1998. Under the supervision of Shamoon Sultan, Khaadi has crossed many milestones of success. And today Khaadi is one of his brand class; which describes the ethnic Pakistani dress with a modern touch. This season, Khaadi dominated the fashion industry, demanded by his unique designs at reasonable prices.Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women

Khaadi Summer 2018 was one of the best-selling collections among all brands. However, Khaadi often released many collections after that, but none of them got such an overwhelming response. But the latest Midsummer Collection from Khaadi Unstitched catalog 2018 has that concept that can conquer your heart at first sight. So let’s review the newest turf catalog / magazine …

Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women has been launched online in stores. After the successful reputation of Volume I in the fashion industry, this time Volume II was also launched in collections of 2pc and 3pc, but here we are talking about the 3pc collection in embroidery because the 3pc suits are more demanded in Pakistan and also abroad.

For those who want their wardrobe to be more beautiful and chic, it is recommended to buy it in this collection, since it has more beautiful colors and elegant embroidered designs on the front and also printed on the back. As in previous collections, this new summer collection from Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women has embroidered shirts of 3.25 m, 2.5 m of shalwar grass and 2.5 m of beautiful dupatta gauze. Khaadi Lawn 2018 Vol-2 comes in different colors and printed floral designs. If you want a collection of two pieces of the Khaadi brand, you can continue from this link.

The prices are different according to different designs and fabrics. The dupattas are combined with the color of the shirt, but mainly with shalwars because dupatta plays an excellent role in the fashion of a girl or woman. The colors are common, such as black, yellow, red, pink, gray, green, brown, blue and beige. This colorful Khaadi Lawn 2017 Vol-2 will be your best lawn for the summer of this year and for your Eid Day 2018.Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women

Now, in the end, we should talk about its price, prices vary from design to design and from some embroidery designs to heavy embroidery designs. The price ranges are from Rs. 2500 / – to Rs. 5500 / -. You can buy and sew your best lawn dress with your own styles and sewing designs. The accessories also play a good role in their appearance, should contrast with the opposite color of their accessories with the color of their dress, but most women like the same color of all their accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets You can buy these dresses online at or you can buy them at any Khaadi store in major cities of Pakistan and also in the United States and the United Kingdom.Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women Khaadi Khaas Eid Collection 2018 For Women