Khaadi Lawn Mid-Summer Collection Preview For Girls


Khaadi lawn mid-summer 2012 collection will be launched June 16. Images of collections have been posted on Facebook. Public reaction to fingerprints is quite positive and people are looking forward to the collection. Prints quite nicely. Summer colors and different motifs have been used in print.

Various prints meet the needs of women of different age groups. With so many brands of lawn are now available on the market, Khaadi lawn in 2012 will face stiff competition. Nevertheless, from a beautiful design, we are confident that he will be able to compete with their rivals fairly well.

Khaadi was founded in 1998. Now this is one of the most famous fashion labels in Pakistan. The label was launched in order to revive the dying art of weaving. Beautiful paintings on fabrics such as pure silk and cotton helps Khaadi became very famous. Now she has a large fan base.

Location points are given on the official site in Khaadi. Web site address can be found below.