Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup Steps


Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup StepsHollywood Top celebrity And reality Kim Kardashian has got very fame in the short period of time due to her well toned body and attractive complexion. Well, During a short interview once Kim Kardashian said that she thought that her eyes are the most important of her personality that why she always remain conscious about her eyes and while doing makeup she always keep eyes on the top priority.

Kim Kardashian has got big almond shaped eyes naturally which are considered as most beautiful shape of eyes. Well, it is not like that if you don’t have the eyes like Kim then you can get the eye makeup like her.

Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup Steps

Every woman can get the eyes like Kim Kardashian if she follows some of the important techniques like Kim Kardashian does. Here are few steps like first of all you have to make your face tone level as some of the ladies have dark circles under eyes, it will make your skin to be looked natural.

Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup Steps-

Than apply a small amount of foundation to your eyes close area that will make your eyes prominent in the face. Then apply a dark pencil on your eyebrows to level the eyebrows balanced here you should keep in mind that you should darken the eye brow till you got you demanding color (Whether you want light smoky eyes or dark).

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Before taking next step you should be sure that you are going to choose the color of shade which is quite suitable with your face complexion. Than apply a shimmer of on your eyelid with the medium size eyebrow brush. After applying a normal amount of shimmer now it’s time to make a shadow use a small shadow brush and blend the shimmer shade from eyelash to brow bone with soft moves and tried to make a balanced shadow. Here you have got the shadow eyes same like Kim Kardashian.