Kim Kardashian Inspired Look


Kim Kardashian Inspired Look-I am agree that Kim is very beautiful and very much intelligent woman and she knows how to look beautiful and younger than her age and she keep experimenting with her look and that is brave, toady we are going to steel her look for you guys to get beautiful look, if you really want to know the secret of her flawless look then, it is perfect foundation and concealer, and the blending, either she or her makeup artist are really very good with blending, her entire look depends on the blending of the foundation and if you see her without make up then you would see the she does have scars and black marks too and she does look old with her large pores and laughter lines, so if you are looking for the look of Kim then buy the best waterproof foundation and use best concealer to go with that too and you need to buy best make up available on the shelves.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Look

We will start with the moisturizer and primer and then apply the foundation and concealer and use waterproof cause now we are going to apply some ice pack over that to make your foundation long lasting and now puff some simple face powder and use transparent finish though.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Look-0

Now you need to use base Pencil over your whole eye lid and blend it well, you can use either the blending sponge or you can use your own finger for that too, you just need to make a smooth and perfect base.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Look-01

Now you need to take Coastal Scents Hot Pot Eye shadow and make a rough V over the crease of your eye lid, you don’t need to use steady hands, because we are going to blend it well later, now you need to take synthetic eye shadow brush and picked up a matte white eye shadow to apply over whole eyelid and then you need to blend it inward to the first 2/3 eyelid, and now take a angled brush, and take a shimmery white eye shadow and applied it gently under my eyebrows… take liner, mascara, and eye pencil and draw a winged eyeliner and finish your look with mascara.

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