Kitchen Beauty Secrets For Healthy Skin


Kitchen Beauty Secrets For Healthy SkinHave you ever thought that all these gorgeous ladies that rock on silver screen why do they look so good and what is the magic behind their flawless look? Is that magic depends on high-end cosmetic products or they are naturally beautiful? If they are naturally beautiful then why do they look so dark and horrible in their child hoot photos? The magic is those things that they use to get these looks and this magical smooth skin and here are some tips that they use to get that look.

Use a thick mask of curd and lemon to get natural glow, don’t ever try to bleach your face that will kill the natural smoothness and natural glow of your skin slowly and gradually, Curds is also an exfoliate agent while it remains gentle on the skin and it can help you get rid of deep oily pores too.

Ripe papaya or banana is great for the skin and it is not only good for moisturizing your skin but it is really very good to nourish the face and get an instant glow too, you can try an egg white with a little bit of lemon to tighten the skin, use a paste of aloe vera, turmeric and Neem leaves for healthy skin.

Get rid of suntan or burn with honey, you can use it all over your skin and you will feel so good and so smooth, Green tea bags are really good for eyes and puffiness and nothing is better for hair then a mixture of egg white and olive oil, that will not only strengthen the roots and give volume, but it will keep your scalp moisturized and healthy too.

Rosewater and glycerin is best as a moisturizer cum toner you can make a mixture and keep it in your spry bottle and use it as often as possible and turmeric, gram flour and yogurt mask it best for your healthy skin.
Best of luck.