Latest Charm Collection 2012 by Rabiya Mumtaz Studio


Charm is very well known fashion brand founded in 2008 by Rabiya Mumtaz. The charm of high-fashion clothing based on Rabiya Mumtaz best design and development of the Pakistani woman is cut designs. Recently Rabiya Mumtaz Display charm collection 2012.

Digital design print, such as the time of the Roman Empire, etc. This collection of elegant and fashionable for a long loose fitting T-shirts and fashion T-shirts are available under the churidar. The special charm of the 2012 film Aliyezh in casual wear. Rabiya Mumtaz clothes were very elegant charm collection.

Album:Photos of The Charm by Rabiya Mumtaz Studio in Charm Coats and Capes, FW 11/12

Did you visit the shops in Charm outlet in Lahore Pakistan and fashion-room, dressed in coats and Rabi Mumtaz is offering a 30% discount. Let’s look at a random Charm collection 2012.