Latest Collection 2012 Dimensions by Aliha Chaudry


A new set of fashion brand establish by Chaudhry Aliha for women. The dimensions of fashion lines, especially in Western women wear elegant dresses and formal wear includes.

The latest collection Aliha Chaudhry in 2012 on the measures that have been recently recognized. This collection of printed skinny jeans and a beautiful woman or kurties top socks were added. Ready to wear women’s clothing Chaudhry Aliha measurement of very unique and elegant design. The latest collection of dresses to wear ordinary meetings, tours and more.

Album: Photo Of  Latest Collection 2012 Dimensions by Aliha Chaudry

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It is easy to wear loose shirts and installation of the girls wear, and elegant design at the university, as well as universities. Currently, it allows you to check out the latest designs for women and girls Aliha Chaudhry, 2012 …