Light Summer Makeup & Make Up Ideas

Light Summer Makeup & Make Up Ideas
Light Summer Makeup & Make Up Ideas

Your skin suffers a lot during the harsh winter season and to keep it healthy and fresh you use different cosmetics and beauty products. These products sometime prove more damaging for the skin… Therefore, the experts suggest using light makeup in the summer season.

Keep the below given tips in mind while doing Light Summer Makeup & Make Up Ideas in summer…

Foundation & Powder

If your skin is clear and free of any sort of imperfections then skip foundation from your makeup routine. Put on a mild moisturizing cream or lotion and follow it with the application of a quality baby powder. This will render a translucent appearance to your skin.

While creating a night time look, a mild liquid foundation is much better option. If the texture of your skin is extra dry then you should go for a crème foundation.

Don’t vigorously rub the skin while donning makeup; rather keep your hands very gentle. The exact way of applying a foundation or blusher is to dot it on the face with a light touch using an applicator or your fingertip. A moist sponge can also be used to apply it.

If you have any kind of skin imperfection such as pimples or scars; conceal them with the help of a concealer prior to the application of foundation or powder. Use a thin brush to apply concealer. Later dab powder.


Lip gloss is much better option than lipstick when it comes to create a natural daytime look in summer. For evening look, however, you can use color. If you wish your lipstick to stay for long; use lip brush to apply it. After applying lipstick, put on a hint of lip-gloss as well; it will give you a trendier look.

Eye Makeup

When it comes to eye makeup for daytime party, try to keep it natural. Apply a kohl pencil or kaajal stick to contour the eyelids, along the lashline. You can also apply a bit eyeshadow near the lashes, rather than an eye-pencil or eyeliner. A brown or grey eyeshadow work the best for creating a natural look.


Apply light blusher on your cheeks. A powdery blusher is a right choice during summer season; put it on after applying translucent face powder. Smile to bring out the cheek bones; apply blusher over them and then blend it in outward direction. Make sure the blush complements your natural skin tone.


Spray any light, floral fragrance at the end.