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lip-plumper-best-lip-plumper-1Lip Plumper | Best Lip Plumper  – Lips are the tiny features on the face which are if beautiful and proportionate to the facial feature will give the eye catching appearance of the face. Mere changing the lip appearance on the face dramatically change the whole facial expressions. For getting the fuller and sexier lips, lip plumper are used. These are the cosmetic products which give the lips appearance as fuller lips then they normally are. There are different methods for getting the fuller lips.


  • The cosmetic surgery is done to obtain the kissable lips but it is painful and not permanent as the fats and collagen injected to the lips will dissolve with the passage of time. So it is ridiculous and irritating.


  • There are certain compounds which add the fats, Hyaluronic acid and collagen   production compounds which are used as the lip plumper. These are easy to use as compared to injections and surgery. These are also not painful.


  • To achieve the fuller and sexier lips naturally there are certain lip balms which hydrate and moisturize the lips. These irritate the skin of the lips and make it to swell slightly to give the pouts look to the lips as you want. But great care is taken for their selection that it will not cause the skin of lips to irritate and damage the skin. So the effectiveness with safety is the top priority of the selection of the product. Some of the ingredients are used in the lip plumper compounds are the peppermint and cinnamon and others may include   synthetic products which stimulate the formation of elastic products and collagen. So before the use of such lip plumper the adoptability of these products may be checked.


  • There are certain make tips which when used give the illusion of fuller pouts lips. The lip liner is of the shades that is in darker color and applied a bit far from the actual lip line to create the bigger lips.
  • Lip gloss is used in lighter shades then the lip liner and with shimmer colors.
  • The lipstick is applied in such a way that the lips are darkened at the outer edges of the lips and the centre of lower and upper lip is in lighter shades.
  • Use the nude shade or the whiter pencil for cupid bow of the upper lip. Blend this with the skin by pinky finger.

So all these makeup techniques give the fuller lips.