Lipstick Colors


lipstick-colorsLipstick Colors – Wherever you are going with perfectly kissable, luscious and pouty lips all depends upon the color of the lipstick you are carrying. When you are at the beauty counter to select the perfect shade of the lipstick either it may be red or any satin sheer color you get bit confused.

There are following tips while selecting the color of lipstick.


  • While selecting the lipstick the first thing to be taken in to consideration is your skin tone. Usually the darker skin tones need to wear natural shades as light brown or light pink lipsticks may works well. These skin tones need the glossy lipsticks. The matte shades   not give the prom.


  • The color of the outfit is also to be the most important thing to be considered. The color of the lipsticks should compliment with the color of your clothing, not to clash with the color. The dress style is also important. If the dress is casual then the natural shades are best option. If you are using the party wear with formal event then the    shades should be selected with the most trendy and complementary.


  • While in a casual dress and in day time event the shades of lipsticks should be natural and in light colors, while in evening formal events the shades should be selected in   darker tones.


  • There are certain lipstick types which are to be used according to the conditions.
  • Sheer: This is the natural, wet and shiny. It will not stay longer. It has glossy touch. But if the base coat with complementary shaded pencil is given these lipsticks stay long.
  • Shimmer: These lipsticks contain the composition with glossy pigments. These lipsticks contain the mica component to reflect light so that give the shiny appearance to the lips.  These also give the fuller appearance to the lips.
  • Creamy: These contain the moisturizing elements included in to these lipsticks. These can stay longer.
  • Matte: These lipsticks contain the pigments with opaque formula.

These lipsticks create the warm and thinner effects to the lips.