Long Hairstyles For Eid


Long Hairstyles For EidWomen’s preparation on Eid day doesn’t complete without an adorable hairstyle that can compliment with their entire looking and make them stand out among the crowd.

Since this year, Eid-ul-Fitar will come in peak summers so girls and ladies, especially those having lush, long tresses, will definitely look for a hairstyle which looks spectacular while being too comfortable and easy to carry. Here we present you some extremely stunning hairstyle ideas for you luscious tresses that will surely make you dazzle this Eid day.

Long Hairstyles For Eid-

Ponytail: No matter which age group they belong to, long-haired gals can never go wrong on ponytail. You can further enhance the hairdo with dramatic hair accessories to give it a personalized touch.

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French Braids: Another excessively gorgeous and comfy hairstyle that will do a lot to accentuate your personality this Eid is French braid. Although various other versions of braided hairstyle are also there, stylish and quite informal French braid would be just perfect for an informal occasion like Eid. Creating French braid isn’t a piece of cake however. It needs a lot of practice; but once you get hang of it, nothing would be easier than styling a French braid. Complete the look with beautiful ribbons in a color complementing your Eid dress.

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Curly hairstyle: All the curly haired gals, this hairstyle look is just for you!!! You can rock this look on your long, short and medium length strands. Think about dying your hair in red, green or yellow for making your hairdo more dramatic and stunning.

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The free long hairstyle: And lastly, the free long hairstyle!!! This style is all about eastern look actually and is ideal for those having long, voluminous hair.

Long Hairstyles For Eid-04 Long Hairstyles For Eid-03All what needed is to leave the strands cascading down without any ‘pin-securities.’ You may want to add rose or any other floral accessory on top back of your ear to get Mughalai glamorous look.