Look Gorgeous In 15 Minutes


Look Gorgeous In 15 MinutesIf you need to get ready for something very important and you just have 15 minutes then what would you do? And I would say that the less is more and if you have smaller time to get ready then you just need to take a safest look possible, something you are too good at and here are some simple tips for you to get ready in 15 minutes.

First of all when you don’t have much time the you need to pick the best dress and accessories possible and this will create your look perfect and then you don’t have to put too much makeup on and now we will start with hair, if you are washing your hair then it is good wash them and apply lots of conditioner and then wash it off with running water, and let them get fresh air dry and apply some hair serum on your hair, as we know that you cannot start hair straightening in short time, so I will share what I do when I don’t have time for hair style you just need to comp them and apply some hair gel on your hair and now you just need to make a tight bun of your hair and tie it with fabric catcher or pony and spray some hair spray or styling spray on your bun and trust me your hair is done.

We will start with moisturizer and primer on your face and then apply some transparent and best coverage and if you have any need of concealer then you can apply that with your foundation and then blend it well, this is a one thing that you need to spend time on.

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Now you need to take pink or peach blush or a bronzer and highlight according to your own skin tone and just apply over your cheekbones with a brush and you just need to get a healthy and natural look and then add some storks over your nose and chin to give an even look and that’s it less is better and enough too.

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Now we will go to eyes and I would say that you just need to apply a shiny black or silver pencil shade all over your eye lid and now you just need to take any shade, you can pick maroon, blue or green or you can use shade of your dress over it and blend it well and you will see that the silver pencil is a miracle and you can use that magic, you need to apply that tight liner eyes technique to get the bright eyes and then finish the look with mascara and liner
When you don’t have time for proper lipstick then use lip-gloss, it’s safe and beautiful. now you just need to take off your bun catcher and shake your hair a couple of times and rub your finger in smooth natural looking curls.

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