Loose Curl Hairstyles For Teen Girls


Loose Curl HairstylesLoose curls hairstyles are most versatile and simplest styling options for a myriad of occasions. The women who are looking for a romantic yet modern hairstyle to enhance their features often discover the fact that loose curl hairstyles can be a good option from multiple points of view. These hairstyles are generally associated with long hair but can compliment with almost every face shape.

Loose Curl Hairstyles

The time for creating perfect curls depends on the length of hair. The short hair needs less work as compared the long hair. Method used for loose curls hair styling is another factor. The products used for styling must be of high quality in order to gain the best results.

Loose Curl Hairstyles-
Following hair styling products are needed to create loose curls thermal protection spray, a volumizing spray, a shine serum, a mousse, and hair spray. Proper usage of these products prevents the common problems that can occur when this type of hairstyle is adopted like excessive heaviness on the lower part of the hair and lack of definition on the crown of the head.

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In order to create loose curls fist apply a thermal protection spray on hair and start drying. When hair are completely dry begin separating locks into approximately one inch sections. Apply mousse on the locks using fingers in each hair section. Then use volumizing spray for more impressive end result.

Loose Curl Hairstyles-01 After that place curling iron close to the roots of the hair and rotate the curling iron to 180 degree, for a few seconds. After creating each section wrap it around the fingers. Finally add the shine serum and hair spray respectively for a tight hold.