Lose Weight With Cinnamon Powder & Honey


Lose Weight With Cinnamon Powder & HoneyLose Weight, There are 100s of things that you can use to reduce weight, but today I want to tell you a very important thing regarding weight loss, there are lots of things that work for few people and sometime they don’t work for the members of the same family, but the if you want to try you can, just keep an eye on your weight and see if you get any kind of change or not, if you see any change then you can carry on with the same diet or you can always go back to your old diet.

That is the reason I always say that you should weight yourself every day.You should weight yourself everyday at the same time, but you should not weight after a walk, meal, jogging or any kind of work out so the best time is right before you wash your face in the morning, before doing anything at all.

Lose Weight or any kind of work Out

Lose Weight With Cinnamon Powder & Honey-

Now we are going to start this marvelous drink for you and you can make it every day and it is best if you make fresh drink every day. You need to have this drink empty stomach, so the best time is before your every meal.

Before the recipe let me tell you few things, you need to aware that if you are allergic to any of these things or not, consult your doctor first before start any kind of diet or drink to reduce weight. You need to take pure honey and it is best if you get that from some kind of farm and if you know someone personally then you can buy it from local stores too, but you need the most fresh and pure honey for that and you need fresh and neat cinnamon powder too
Okay to make this drink you need to mix 1 teaspoon of honey with half teaspoon of cinnamon powder with one worm cup of water.

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now you need to add these things in a small saucepan and bring it to a boil and after that divide this in two equal portions and drink one portion before your eat meal and drink other half after one hour of eating meal and you need to feel what you feel inside, keep an eye on any kind of side effects.

You have to use this drink for at least one week and then see if you see any difference and then you can decide whether it is useful for you or not.