Magical Alum For Healthy Skin


I know that old wires used to the alum powder for their beautiful skin and acne and I bet that was a perfect solution if you suddenly start getting all kind of skin issues like acne, scars, rashes, pimples and blemishing, I will tell you that if you know the uses of this beautiful transparent magical stone then you will never buy anything else the gram flour,turmeric powder and alum, trust me you don’t need anything else.

I am a huge fan of alum and I know one woman you just used home remedies for her skin and at the age of 66 she still look beautiful and her skin glows and feels tight and this make her look younger and prettier and you would not believe that she still use that and according to her , if you use alum powder as your per-acne remedies, gram flour as your face wash with a bit turmeric in it and rose water as a skin tonic then you will never get any kind of skin issues, she said that she always rub alum powder over my wet face three times a day and I use gram four for washing my face and I never ever get any kind of black heads, pimple, breaks out or any skin issue, magical ? Lets’ try if we are that much lucky or not.

Magical Alum For Healthy Skin

Today we are going to share some very simple tips how to use alum to get flawless beautiful.

Put a small piece of alum in any mouth wash for 5-10 minutes and then wash your teeth with it and if you keep that routine for rest of your life you will be able to rock pearly white teeth and odorless breath , just use it regularly, even though the taste is horrible, but you don’t need to drink it.

Alum is a salt that has potassium sulphate, there are 100s of uses of this magical piece of mineral which is full with astringent, antiseptic and antiperspirant values so you can use it so many ways and can treat so many things, it has so many healthy an magical properties and it is one of the best anti-perspirant, anti-septic and astringent and help you with all kind of germs infection, you can use it as a regular face massager and can prevent all kind of skin issues.