Make Up Mistakes Women Often Make


Make up if done correctly is your best friend but if applied incorrectly become your worst enemy. It is the secret weapon of every girl to look gorgeous. There are many brands in make which it difficult to decide what to take and what to be avoided. While selecting the make up products be care full that it will match with your skin texture and skin tone.

Here are the mistakes listed which we often make while doing make up

Make up is done to cover or camouflage any flaw of the feature or skin. It will give the perfection to your looks. It is not used to make mask on your face. Make up just accentuate the beautiful features of your face and give the perfect look of your personality.

Another most common mistake we make is in the selection of foundation. Foundation is used to clear the canvas for further make up. It will make the skin smooth and even and hide any spots or flaw of the skin. But if it is applied in excessive amount it will make you a clown, use the foundation which blend with your skin well and give natural looks .Test the shade of foundation at your jaw line or purchase the foundation sample and apply it on your skin at home and examine the results .

Before applying the foundation exfoliate your skin with good scrubber and moisturize it. In this way you will remove the dead cell and make your skin smooth for the application of foundation. If you will not do this your skin will become flaky and after the application of foundation you will notice the formation of patches and flakes at your skin.

Another non pleasing result of make up application is shaping the eye brows. Eye brows transform the whole looks if properly groomed and arched .It is essential to shape them by the professionalism. Some women shape them very thin eye brows or extend them unnecessarily or select the improper eye brow pencil color. All these mistakes in case of eye brows make the entire make up appealing or unattractive.

Pay attention to each and every step of the make up and get the beautiful compliments with your make up.