Make Your Hands Soft

Make Your Hands Soft
How to make soap for Make Your Hands Soft

How to make soap for your hands soft younger looking hands are always impressive in every way. This is the organ of our body which is mostly used in our doings.

How to make soap for your hands soft by following the simple steps:

  • Keep your hands always clean by washing with compatible mild soap and by moisturizing.
  • After cleansing do exfoliation with sugar scrubber or any synthetic scrubber. Scrub for two minutes with gentle rubbing.
  • Fill a bowl with warm water and by adding few drops of olive oil in it. Soak your hands for 5 minutes to soften the skin.
  • For rubbing always use small area and circular motion of fingers of one hand at the other hand.
  • Dry the hands with clean towel but leave them damp.
  • Apply the hand lotion and cover the hands with gloves. Butter may be used as it will nourish the skin and absorb easily without greasing effects.
  • Massage the hands with rose water; it will make your hands soft with beautiful scent.
  • Do hand exercise by holding the stress ball in your hand and squeeze ten times in each hand. It will improve the blood circulation to the hands.
  • By following the above tips you can restore the natural beauty of the hands with soft touch.