Make Your Lipstick Last Longer


Make Your Lipstick Last LongerWe are going to try some simple tips that will not only help your lipstick to stay and look fresh all day long, but it will help you get beautiful lip naturally too.

if you think that your lips do not need to get rid of dead cells then you are wrong, Use a gentle exfoliate to take care of your lips, you can use a mixture of olive oil and any sugar to rub off all the bad cells from your lips or you can use your toothbrush for that purpose too. Keep your lips moisturized and deal with your chipped lips carefully, apply a lip balm or you can use coconut cream or oil or even a simple fresh cream will work the best.

Apply a thin layer of primer on your lips, if you use a simple prime then it is okay but if you buy special one that is designed for lips then it would be best, it will remove moisture and sooth down the fine lines so that your lips are even and ready for application and look fresh and young.

Make Your Lipstick Last Longer-

If you are using one thick and heavy coat that will make it too easy to smudge, but if you apply multiple thin coats then it will not only stay longer, but will seal the real shape too which means you can have your favorite lips shade on your lips throughout the day and you doing never need to refresh it again and again, the best way to try this method is apply one coat, and then blot lightly with a tissue and then after one whole minute apply another and repeat this for two to three time and you will love the rich texture, but you don’t need to blot the final layer or it will look dull and clumsy.

Here it is ready to rock your final look, if you need any kind of retouch then it is best if you remove it completely and apply some balm over your lips before applying single coat of the same lipstick.