Make Your Nails And Hands Beautiful


Make Your Nails And Hands are very important part of body, which represents the personality of a woman. It is necessary to pay special attention for care of hands and nails. Here are some tips by which you can get healthy and beautiful hands.

Nails And Hands Care Tips Cut all nails in same length and shape. Olive oil is a best lotion for nails; dip them in warm olive oil for 15 minutes. Mixture of water and lemon juice can be used for removing the stains from nails. Nails become weak and yellow by frequent use of nail polish so give them a break from time to time. Try to avoid the use of acetone polish removers.

Make Your Nails And Hands Beautiful

Nail biting is extremely destructive for the nails; if you are in this habit, drop it immediately. File the Nails And Hands when a polish covers them because it prevents the breaking of nails. Tips for hands care Use moisturizing cream 3- 4 times in a day and before going to bed, it helps to keep off wrinkles.

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Use sunscreen lotion on nails And hands before venturing out. Use of special treatments (like warm oil bath and herbal therapy) help to keep hands soft forever. Use a mixture of glycerin, lemon juice and rose water to massage your hands every day.

Make Your Nails And Hands Beautiful-Wear gloves when you do gardening; washing dishes or working with chemicals.