Make Your Own Massage Oil


Make Your Own Massage OilMake Your Own Massage Oil – Aromatherapy plays major role in caring our body and mind. The science behind this is the use of volatile parts of plants to make the essential oils which change the person mood, mind, cognitive functions and health. Now days the aroma therapy massage is becoming a relaxing, rejuvenating method. Some of them have energizing effects while the others have uplifting responses. Lavender, chamomile, rose marry oil are considered as the energizer effects.

Practice in use and careful selection give the experience to choose the right aromatherapy oil for massaging your body:

The following steps are involved in there making:

  1. Choose the scent of essential oil for your self, which you think give you soothing effect and relaxes your mind and body.
  2. Purchase olive oil to dilute the essential oil.
  3. Select the spray nozzle bottle to keep the oil, this type of bottle is used to apply the oil easily.
  4. Now mix the olive oil and essential oil in the ratio of 6 tea spoons of olive oil and 8 drops of essential oil.
  5. Mix both these oils well and shake before use.
  6. Keep these in air tight jars.
  7. Apply the oil at the place where to be needed and massage with gentle rubbing of fingers in circular motion.


  • Keep the oil away from children
  • Not to apply the oil at the rashes, bruises, and at cuts or wounds.
  • The pregnant women stay away from these oils.
  • Sometimes the massage oils when absorbed in skin cause irritation, first to do allergy test before regular use.
  • After massaging stay in comfortable mood and have a fun with aromatherapy.

Pharmacological effects of essential oil and the influence of scent at the brain through olfactory lobes make the aromatherapy a wonderful therapy for treating mind and body ailments.