Make Your Own Natural Lip Stain


Make Your Own Natural Lip StainEnhancing the natural beauty of lips with attractive colors is a common trend among females. In 1923, an American scientist designed a twist-up lipstick which later became an integral constituent of makeup products. In the modern times, the invention of lip stain offer a number lip dressing options. Lip stain is getting more popularity than lipstick down to its smudge proof and long-lasting effect.

There is a vast range of lip stains available in the markets but some lip stains contain alcohol which may dry out your lips. To avoid the damaging effects of commercial lip stains, the best option is using a homemade natural lip stain. You can prepare the natural stain just in few minutes using natural ingredients that are easily available at your kitchen. This natural stain would be free of harsh chemicals and 100% safe.

How to make a natural lip stain

Required Ingredients

For making a natural homemade lip stain, you will need one fresh beer, one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil. If you want to add some glossy effect, you can add petroleum jelly or clear lip gloss in your stain.


1. Cut the beet into small pieces after peeling off its skin.
2. Place all constituents in the food processor and turn it on until the ingredients come into paste form.
3. Remove the solids from mixture by straining it with the help of coffee filter.
4. Pour the lip stain in clean glass-container and tight the lid.
5. Your homemade lip stain is ready to use. Apply it using a cotton swab or good-quality lip brush whenever you want.

Tips and warnings

• Keep your lip stain in the refrigerator to prevent bacteria any other germs.

• Don’t use lip stain after four months of its preparation.

• If your lips get dry and cracked, stain doesn’t add moisture like a lipstick or gloss. So you should moisturize them using a lip balm before going to sleep.