Make Your Skin Blooming Like Flower In Spring Season


With the onset of spring season each one cheer up birds and colorful flowers are seen every where…with this change of weather the skin care stuff is also turned toward a new skin care regimen. The skin which remains dry and cracked in winter is now felt oily. With this oily sensation of skin few strategies are required to keep the skin fresh and fabulous.

There are certain tips to Make Your Skin Blooming Like Flower In Spring Season

  • Heavy coating of moisturizers is now replaced with thin layer of moisturizing lotions or creams which are compatible to the skin.
  • Springs season brings variety of fresh fruits and vegetables with it, which are added in daily intake with other food stuffs. These fresh fruits and vegetables bring a glow to the skin. Nothing is better then this natural stuff either used internally or applied externally to the skin care regimen.
  • With the change of temperature the sun screen lotions with SPF 15 are to be used at regular basis.
  • The onset of spring season also the season of pollen allergies. This pollen allergy causes puffy eyes and itching at the skin with redness and swelling. To avoid this cold compress is used before applying the cosmetics at the skin.
  • Winter season make the skin rough and dry so peeling of skin is required with the start of the spring season. For this propose choose the skin scrubbers which are according to your skin texture. It has been suggested that the skin exfoliating agents containing the hydroxyl or beta hydroxyl acids are the best for sloughing off the dead cells of the skin. Apricot and sugar scrubbers cause the small tearing of skin texture. In this way skin looses its firmness and smoothness.
  • Cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice in a day are the essential steps to be taken for the spring season.
  • Steaming the skin with application of some fruity or herbal mask is done once in a week.
  • Apply lemon juice with honey for fifteen minutes to your skin daily ,to tighten and cleansing the skin pores.
  • Egg white with rose water is also applied to   make the skin soft and charming with the change of temperature and to cope up the temperature fluctuations.
  • Oatmeal in boiling water is also the best recipe for giving the glow to the dull skin of winter.

Apply the mixture when it is cooled and keep it for fifteen minutes before rinsing with water.