Makeup Mistake Applying Lipstick

It is good to take special blending brush that can do the task of blending well.

Make up is used to give the perfection to your looks. Any mistake in make up change your looks from stunning to clown. It is the best way of accentuating and enhancing your beauty. Unusual shades which not match with your skin tone will make you as wearing mask at your face. Applying the caked foundation at your face give the breakout of acne and pimples.

There are following common mistakes that we do while applying makeup:

NOT TO BE FEARFUL: Confidence is always the first step on the road of success. Few days ago when used to  care about others   comments much  what they will say I noticed that I become addicted of others opinion and support that even I cant  wear  and speak  with my own will.

make up

I lost all my confidence and become a rolling stone but when I overcome my habit I noticed that I become more courageous and more loveable among others. Similarly in make up by trial and error method you learn the right and one day you will be successful in getting your desired looks. Positive criticism is always welcome and well intention advice may be acted upon but the final decision is up to you.

NO BLENDING: Blending is the art of make up, if blending of different colors or foundation is not well it will give the impression of painting that is “painted by numbers. Blend your concealers, foundation and blush on well, in eye make up again the blending plays the great role for stunning make up. Different eye shadows which accentuate the feature when blended or mixed well certainly transform your looks and make you gorgeous among crowd.

eye shadows

It is good to take special blending brush that can do the task of blending well. Another trick in blending is to check your make up in all lights, usually we do make up under yellow light and in sunlight but when we go to office where we have to stay under neon lights our make up color tone give different look. So it is advisable to confirm your beautiful looks after make up in all lights.

our make up color

AVOID BRIGHT COLORS: Bright colors are best suited in spring and winter, but the bright colors draw the attention toward the regions where we use them. If fuller lips and cover they with bright red lipstick then all other feature get down except the feature which is coated with bright color.

bright red lipstick

APPLYING LIPSTICK WRONG MATT: Applying the matte lipstick without moisturizing your lips is   not to be done. As the matte lipstick is deficient in many essential oils so to compensate this you have to put the lip moisturizer or lip balm before applying the matte lipstick. Match the lip liner with the color of your lipstick; in this way you will get the finishing look with matte lipstick. Avoid the lipstick at chapped lips; it will  be much bad for lips.

First to apply the lip balm and then apply the lip stick.