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Makeup Tips For Contouring The Face

Makeup Tips For Contouring The FaceContouring is a makeup application technique that helps you make the most of your best features while playing down the imperfect ones. Face-contouring is arguably the finest way to accentuate your lovely cheekbones and making your face look slimmer and even gorgeous beautiful.

Moreover, it also helps you mask up other flaws like bigger nose or double chin. All you need to do is to get hang of the technique. Here are some helpful tips for you for a perfect contouring.

Contouring the Cheekbones

Contouring the cheeks is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get chiseled, sculpted cheekbones. The only key is to find out the right spot to place the color. You can do this by sucking in your cheeks to an extant that the hollow of the cheeks can be felt.

After you have explored the hollow, add color to it and then work in upward direction using sweeping movements. If you’re after a more shaped and gaunt look, it is suggested to work towards your chin not towards the bottom of your lips.

For creating an illusion of rounder cheeks make a slight ‘U’ shape towards the bottom of the contour as well as around your cheeks. Finally contour around the temples and apply blusher to the cheeks and that’s it.

Contouring the Nose

Not only for the cheeks, contouring is an excellent way to get desired shape for your nose too. If your big nose makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, do slenderize it with a swipe of a contour color or bronzer along the side of your nose, leaving the central part lighter. If you don’t want to employ bronzer or contour color for nose-slanderization purpose, simply use a foundation in a shade darker than your standard foundation.

Contouring the Chin

Double chin is another beauty bummer which you can camouflage with the help of contouring technique. Swipe an adequate amount of product under your jaw-line to diminish the double chin considerably. It’s suggested to settle on a darker contour color since it can help give the illusion of a receding jaw line and thus makes the double chin less noticeable.

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