Makeup Tips For Plus Size Women


To look like a Hollywood or bollywood model by wearing such make up and outfits is the dream of many of us. But with these outfits and make we need the physique of such. The slim and trimmed body can not be achieved overnight. Some times we get but have the face with too much fluffy cheeks and double chin. So what to do with this plus size face and body? How to achieve the small slim face? Thanks to makeup experts who resolved the problem with the use different make up shades and techniques to overcome the problem.

So while applying make up in plus size women the flattering look is achieved by following ways:


  • The foundation applied should be in two shades. One will be a bit darker to the skin tone and applied on full face and other of lighter shade to be applied on cheeks, chin and forehead and under eyes. The darker shade is blended perfectly at temples and at jaw lines. It is also applied at neck so that contouring shades of foundation do not give the patches of light and dark shades at different places.


  • The eye brow shapes effect much to fuller face. These will be in well proportion to other features. If features of face are delicate and small then eye brows will be bit dense but not too strong and defined. If the features are round look then the brows will be thin .and properly arched and have definite angles. It will make the facial looks slim.


  • The blushers and bronzes applied on the cheeks not in apple form but to suck your cheeks and apply the blushers at hollow pits or under the jaw line start from temples. The shades should be neutral and not too bright.


  • After the blushers use the highlighting techniques, the highlighters are used at jaw bones, under the brow bones and on the nose ridges. This will surely give the slim effect of facial features.


  • The eye shades also to be used not of more bright or darker shades but must be natural and beige, nude or pastel brown shades. These are applied in natural way as if you form Smokey eyes it will give awkward look with your large face. The transparent or white eye liner at lower water line gives your eyes more attractive look.


  • The tanning lotions and creams when applied on face they also give the effect of slimness of the face. So this technique is also applied before makeup.

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