Makeup Tips for Summer


Bold colors are ruling the fashion and beauty world this summer. The most admired colors this season will be orange, copper and fuchsia with traditional black eyeliners. But a little may go far away so here are a few tips to have a face that complements the create trends for spring and summer seasons.

Prep Your Skin for Makeup Application First

Keep your skin hydrated by consuming ample amount of water and eat healthy, well-balanced diet to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Secondly, exfoliate your skin regularly every week, rubbing your face in circular motion to purge the dead skin cells. Splash cold water over your face to seal the skin pores, moisturize daily. Put on sunscreen with at least SPF-25 under the moisturizer if your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF.

Don’t Overdo with Makeup

Thick and heavy makeup layers don’t let your skin breathe freely so it is advised to keep the summer makeup light so that your skin can breathe. Opt for a crème concealer of the shade close to your natural skin tone and blend it with moisturizer. Apply this concealer-moisturizer blend with the help of an applicator brush for a smooth coverage. Finally apply mineral-powder to set the makeup. It is suggested to use mineral powder as it it doesn’t tend to make the wrinkles obvious.

Highlight Eyes with Bold colors and Eyeliner

Cat eyes plus bold colors are ruling the eye makeup trend this summer. Green and blue eyeliners and copper and brown eyeshades may be the perfect combination for you to create summer Smokey eyes. The products needed to create cat eyes include cream liner and an angled brush. For picture-perfect cat eyes, work from the corner of the eyes to the inside. Top with water-resistant mascara.

Use Bronzer or Pink Blush

Use bronze or pink color on your cheekbones to render your cheeks a natural looking glow.

Paint Your Lips Pink or Orange

When it comes to paint lips during summer, it is advised to go for orange or pink shades as these two are the best lipstick shades for hot summer season. However, if you find these colors extra bright, the option of replacing the lipstick with lip-gloss is always open for you.