Makeup Tips With Black Dress

Makeup Tips With Black Dress
All of your make up is now with strong shades so the bronze and pink shades of blush on balance the entire make up.

Makeup Tips With Black Dress – Now it is the onset of winter season with outfits of black color. If you want to do make up that matches with your black dress and make a popping up appearance then you have to apply certain make up tricks of professionals.


APPLY PRIMER AT YOUR LIDS: The black dress it self is very strong impression color which requires the make up which is in proportionate with the black outfits. First to start with eye make up. For eye make up you should first to apply the primer or the concealed and foundation to get the clean and smooth canvas. To compliment your black dress apply two or three dark shades on eye crease, eye lids and brow bone. To make them more popping adds shimmers brown, cream or taupe at center of the lid. Grey or chocolate eye shadows may be applied at the crease of the eye lids.


To create soft and sexy look apply with thin brush bronze, golden and vanilla shades. Black or brown eye liner with lash line give the eye more sophisticated look. At the end thick coats of mascara give the eyes popping appearance. Smoky eye make up or gothic eye make up with thick lines of eye liner give the black outfits a most sexy appearance.


LIPSTICK: The lipstick shades plays a great role in making your look more eye catching, first to apply the Chap Stick or lip balm to smooth the surface of lips. Nothing is sexier to wear the red lipstick with black dress. Follow with the foundation the dark magenta, or red lips to sat y longer on the surface .If you have fear of bleeding your lipstick then apply the lip liner matching with the lipstick shade. If you are going for an evening function then apply the shimmers lip gloss at the lips. Before to finish your lipstick use the tissue paper to blot your lipstick as to avoid it will go to your teeth.


AT YOUR CHEEKS: To compliment your outfits the make up tricks requires the application of blusher of bronzer shades at your cheeks .All of your make up is now with strong shades so the bronze and pink shades of blush on balance the entire make up. The application of shiner at the cheek bones give the gorgeous look to the make up.