Manicure Tips – Fragmented Nail Polish And Torn Hand-Nails Make Your Hands Look

Manicure Tips Fragmented nail polish and torn hand-nails make your hands
Manicure Tips Fragmented nail polish and torn hand-nails make your hands

Fragmented nail polish and torn hand-nails make your hands look a bit untidy and unattractive. A perfectly manicured nails, on the other hand, makes our hand look wonderfully gorgeous. You can give manicure easily at home if you know the basic steps of manicure. A step by step guide to perfect manicure is given below; follow the steps and get salon quality manicure.

Remove. Wash out the old nail color, if any, with a cotton swab dipped in acetone polish remover. Never use a tissue to remove the nail polish because it crumbles and doesn’t suck up the remover well.

Trim: Cut down the length of the nails and file them to smooth up the sharp and rough edges. Then after, shape your nails. As far as the nail shape is concerned, you may choose to go for square or rounded shapes. An esthetic expert Marie Scalogna says that she always prefers a square shape because it looks more modern.

Soak: Take tepid water in a bowl and add liquid soap or 2 tbsp. bath powder in it so the water becomes soapy. Now, soak your both hands in that soapy water for roughly 5-6 minutes. This step will soften up the nails. Be sure that water is not excessively hot as it will hang out your hands and nails to dry.

Soften: Let your hands dry up and then put on a lotion or cuticle oil on the hands to nurture and soften up rough spots.

Push: Push the cuticles back with the help of a cuticle or Popsicle stick in order to prevent them from getting in the way of the nail polish. Some people choose to trim the cuticles for artistic purposes, however, it is highly recommended not to trim the cuticles.

Scrub: Exfoliate your hands using a body scrub or homemade solution of olive oil and raw sugar or kosher salt. Keep on scrubbing for two minutes or three and then rinse thoroughly.

Moisturize: Dry off hands and dab a rich moisturizer to replenish the moisture to the hands skin.

Polish: Wear a base coat first, and then put on two thin films of nail polish.