Marks Spencer Spring 2011


The latest Marks & Spencer spring / summer 2011 collection comes with a retro approach of the 70s for inspiration. Maxi dresses and skirts, pleated tops, and elegant costumes in a wide range of colors, bright white and cream with bright colors and patterns or floral oriental. Check it out now!
The spring of Marks & Spencer / summer 2011 collection into two main categories, both as a source of inspiration for 70 years in fashion. First, 70 years ago when collecting the day that includes the key elements of floral, maxi dresses and skirts, blouses and farmers.
Then the 70 slim, drape clothes more elegant, bright colors, and wrap, oriental prints, offering ideal for evenings. Symbol of purity, goodness and innocence, white is a color that reflects light and is best suited for hot summer days. In addition to being a white color is very sensitive to wear heavier and play, because it reveals all the unwanted errors. However, when worn correctly, can be the wisest decisions to white during the hot season. The spring of Marks & Spencer / summer 2011 line and all the trends on the runways seem to prove, the white was omnipresent in the middle of the myriad pieces of colored and printed. Dare you not to be afraid to head toe white look as seen at Marks & Spencer! Camel could be anywhere for the fall / winter 2010-2011, the new black see considered. For the summer season instead of cream seems to be the new camel. The cream is flexible and allows you to play with different colors and prints. Therefore, have fun mixing and matching!

Seventy romantic Maxi dresses are very feminine to make decisions for both day and night. The spring of Marks & Spencer / summer 2011 collection comes with two different versions of this arty, whose printed maxi dresses long, casual, appropriate, and the other is the dress of support for a special night. In fact, the maximum length is applied not only for clothing but also for skirts. Maxi skirts are long and beautiful so sweet, but elegant, with a practical and versatile for everyone, whether you agree with tunics or sweaters knitted.
The category Seventies Sleek spring 2011, Marks & Spencer collection includes elegant and glamorous pieces for special occasions. Chic, elegant look incredibly hot and can overalls for a cocktail or other event, held a more formal and elegant to be worn. You can use the combination sleeve V-neck with a pair of sexy high heel shoes or sandals for a sophisticated look. On the other hand, if you can be more clearly in the approach to rock-chic, a leather
biker jacket and a ruffled short dress or a pair of skinny jeans colored eyes again.