Mausummery Cambric Luxe Collection 2018 for women


Mausummery Cambric Luxe Collection 2018 for women ; You may have found several brands and you are looking for something dazzling in Pret. If you get tired of other brands and look for something new, then abeautyclub presents the latest formal collection Pret Collection 2018 by Forus Wear from Mausummery. You can have these dresses for any occasion. The latest luxurious 2018 collection by Mausummery can be worn casually or formally anywhere. Get ready, we will let you know the latest outfits for your big day. Mausummery has introduced all types of embroidered and printed collection in its latest Pret collection. If you are looking for elegant and elegant color combinations, do not waste your time and take your favorite piece for any festive occasion.Mausummery Cambric Luxe Collection 2018 for women

Mausummery Cambric Luxe Collection

Mausummery is the brand of exquisite color combinations with elegant elegance. All the dresses are made of high quality fabric and a 100% quality work that is the test of our dedicated team. They are transforming their efforts into attractive work done by hand. You will see eye-catching embroidery on every Mausummery dress. If you have not tried yet, do not waste your time and add your favorite piece to your wardrobe.

Mausummery is one of the most prominent turf brands in Pakistan. In his 17-year Journey, Mausummery has great admirers who prefer them as the best option. Yes, it is true, Mausummery has created a lasting relationship with its customers. They have successfully captured the attention not only of Pakistani clients but have also become the idol of the entire Pakistani community around the world.

Mausummery is a class brand and no one can keep up keeping these impressions with class. If you want to add a class to your personality, it will help you get the attention of several people at meetings. For an outstanding appearance, Mausummery would be a perfect choice. Let’s take a look at the elegant and classy designs of Mausummery. You should consult the Mausummery Cambric Ready to Wear Collection.Mausummery Cambric Luxe Collection 2018 for women

In the IVY

The Ferozi gold embroidered net shirt is ready to give it an outstanding appearance. The brown Sleek Light pants add a compliment to your personality. The V-neckline with front and sleeves enhances the look of your dress. Take this outfit at PKR 4,950 / -. Also click on Jannat Nazir Party Wear DrsesesMausummery Cambric Luxe Collection 2018 for women


Do you like vibrant colors? If you love so bright colors, then Mausummery Luxe Pret Collection 2018 is wearing a stunning pink dress. This dress would give it a luxurious appearance. You will love the net ready to wear shirt. The gala patch embellished with the Daman edge captures the attention. Obtain this piece at PKR 4.650 / -. If you have not consulted the Gul Ahmed YOLO digital singles collection, do not forget to try this incredible collection.


This 4-piece dress has become the idol of the Ready to Wear 2018 Collection of Mausummery. Everyone is looking for such a luxurious dress. Contains neckline Boat along gala patch embellished with front and sleeves. Plain Chiffon dupatta will also increase its beauty. If you really want to add a factor of elegance to your dresses, then try this outfit. This dress is available in PKR 5,950 / -.Mausummery Cambric Luxe Collection 2018 for women

French Macaron

The light pink baby jacquard ready to wear 4 piece outfit has something different for you. Check out the Gala patch with sleeves that adds a touch of class to your personality. If you have not decided on your dress for your anniversary or kitten party, then do not waste your time on other brands and just try this one. This is available in PKR 5,950 / -. Try the Pakistani boutique style dresses

Sweet Aqua

For all white lovers, this outfit would be a great addition to your wardrobe. Red shirt with boat neckline, with ornate sleeves and Daman’s edge, is making this beautiful dress that is called sweet aqua. This outfit is available at PKR 4.650 / -. Hurry, choose your favorite size and add it to your wardrobe. Check out Pakistani bridal party dressesMausummery Cambric Luxe Collection 2018 for women Mausummery Cambric Luxe Collection 2018 for women Mausummery Cambric Luxe Collection 2018 for women