Men Skin Care – A Youthful Skin Is Considered As a Healthy Skin

Men Skin Care - A Youthful Skin Is Considered As a Healthy Skin
Men Skin Care - A Youthful Skin Is Considered As a Healthy Skin

Times have gone when the ‘terminology’ of skincare was associated with the females only and it was sound odd if any male used to care about his looks. But today, the males are equally conscious about their skincare. Keeping the changing trend in view, the manufacturers have started formulating skincare products as per the individual requirements of the males’ skin.

The basic skin care regimen men should follow to have healthy, glow and supple skin accomplishes in four steps; Cleansing, Exfoliating or Scrubbing, moisturizing and skin protection.


The skin of males is virtually 15% oilier than the female’s skin and pores of their skin are also larger than the skin pores of the opposite gender. Both these factors contribute to let your skin get dirtier soon. So, regular cleansing, particularly deep cleansing, is necessary for your skin’s health regardless of the skin type you have.

Cleansing process removes the dirt accumulated in the skin pores thus prevents various skin conditions. Use chemical-free cleansing products and avoid using bar soaps your facial skin. They bathe with abrasive ingredients, leaving a detergent coat behind. Moreover, they irritate your skin and cause pores clogging.


A good exfoliating agent is vital for healthy and clear skin. It purges the dead and dry skin, making it soft and smooth. Be sure to use a scrub that is strong but not astringent. Avoid using scrubs with rough elements like grounded pieces of nut or seed extracts. They tend to tear the skin rather than revitalizing it.


Another necessity of healthy, soft and fresh looking skin is moisturizing. Apply a best suited mild moisturizing lotion or cream over the face and the neck just after shaving and cleansing. Also apply a body moisturizer over the entire body immediately after taking shower.

Skin Protection:

A youthful skin is considered as a healthy skin. Your skin reflects the overall health of your body. Therefore it is necessary to protect the skin for maintaining its healthy appearance.. Following some preventive techniques you can achieve and maintain the young looking skin for long. Apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.

Lip Care:

Our lips have very low capacity to retain moisture therefore they become dry very soon. In severe case, the dryness leads to chapped lips and bleeding starts from the lips. To prevent such condition, keep your lips moist by applying emollient chopstick or gloss.