Metformin For Weight Loss


Metformin is a drug, normally used for diabetic patients, results into loss of weight, thus controls the diabetes of patients. It is normally available in market with brand names of Glucophage or Glucophage XR. Its best implemented for obese diabetic patients.

  1. Metformin (Glucophage) lowers the level of insulin in the body and reduces the appetite, this indirectly results in reduction of weight. It is kind of self medication, in which, the tablet is taken in between the meal. The side effects of this medicine may never be denied, and patients must consult their practitioner before using it. It must not be used by athletes, or while doing heavy exercises (specially during course of weight reduction treatment) since during heavy exercises, the insulin or blood sugar level is already lowered, and use of Metformin will further reduce it, which may result in black out etc.
  2. Whenever we take food, the sugar contents of the food mixes enters into intestines and mixes with blood. These enzymes are then entered into the liver, which further pushes them back into the blood and causes sugar level in the blood to increase. In order to keep the sugar level raising higher, the pancreas release insulin in the bloodstream.
  3. There are numerous studies, to judge whether Metformin results in reduction of weight or not. Truly speaking, the results are not very consistent, as far as the loss of weight is concerned, but one thing is for sure, that with use of Metformin, the weight never rises. It is primarily medicated for controlling high blood sugar cases, but as an auxiliary effect, it causes loss in weight, as per the procedure described above.
  4. The known side effects of this drug includes nausea, stomach problems and diarrhea, which indirectly also causes the loss in weight.
  5. Normally it is considered and told, that these are the natural aids used for weight loss and are the safer options. Same is also dictated by the most of chemists and often narrated in media as “loose 25 pounds of weight in 25 days”. You might experience beautiful pictures of ladies and gents as “before medication” and “after medication”, which are going to attract you towards the use of these medicines. These are also claimed as weight loss supplements, normally manufactured from herbs and natural ingredients, but believe it, you should not start using these medicines blindly, without consultation of your specialist. The dietary-supplement companies are not required to display their clinical data and the efficacy, so we might not be able to draw pertinent conclusions out of it. So be careful before its use.
  6. As a last point, it is still uncertain that whether it is also effective for people, who are obese, but not diabetic. So normally it is not suggested for such people due to uncertain results.