Mila Kunis Eye Colour


For Hollywood female Celebrities their appearance is more than everything for them. Many of Hollywood celebrities say that their personality is more important for them even important than food. While talking about appearance the most important feature that comes to the mind is Face beauty or face makeup. There are number of women in Hollywood showbiz industry who are known for their face beauty and Mila Kunis is one of them. She has become very popular in short period of time not just because of their acting but also because of their outstanding face beauty and eyes color.

29-year old American Actress Mila Kunis started her career with the role of Meg Griffin in the TV Series “The 70s Show” and in animated series “Family Guy” but she got really famous when her movies “Friends with Benefits”, “Black Swan” and “Ted” hit the box office she became very famous for two reasons one was her acting and role in the movies and second was her makeup style and her eyes. it is said that she has beaten up the Kim Kardashian who was known as the most popular makeup icon of the Hollywood of today because Mila Kunis has naturally get bigger and ideal shaped eyes with the tremendous colored eyes.

The most interesting and amazing feature about the Mila’s eyes are that she has got the eyes of two color her left eye has green shade while her right eye is brown. This happens very rare and this condition is called “heterochromia iridis”. And many of her fans claim that these were noticeable even in the movies. Her smoky eyes makeup has made her eyes even more beautiful that it attract. Well, here is another celebrity with eyes of different colors: Kate Bosworth. The left eye is half brown.