Mina Hasan Latest Collection Unveiled


Mina Hassan’s latest collection 2012 has just been opened. Dress photoshoot was done recently, The collection is called “Suite Life”. It was opened only a few hours ago and already many people there are positive comments on the photos. Mina Hassan’s new 2012 collection consists of semi-formal and formal wear. All strongly sewn clothes. This makes them suitable for weddings and celebrations activities. All sleeves and structure in the western sections. Nevertheless, touch the east was added to the clothing. In general, each dress is awesome and unique. collection really shows the talent designer.

Mina Hassan started designing for a long time ago. First, it is intended only for her friends. Then in 2002 she opened her own design studio. Initially, the studio provides the only high fashion but she later expanded. Currently, it provides a formal and semi-official collections too. The designer provides clothing, glamorous and luxurious. Much attention is paid to quality. The team handpicks fabrics, lace and stones. That is why Mina Hassan’s previous collections, has also been very successful.

Let’s check out a picture of Mina Hassan new 2012 collection. Pictures of the dresses below.