Mothers Day 2012 Celebrated In The Entire World


Mothers Day is a celebration honoring to mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and influence of mothers in the society. It is celebrated on various days in the entire world but commonly celebrated although in March, April or May. It is as Father’s Day, the celebration of honoring fathers.

On the “Mothers Day” the children offer flowers and gifts to the mother with a great happiness and all the family members are offer DUA for mother that, “May Allah or mothers live long and her shadow is always stay on us.”

Mother’s day is the express gratitude to every mother’s selfless love. It is an ceremony that asks for nothing more but to remember the sacrifices and efforts of a mother. We should always be grateful for having her in our lives. Mothers are the basic foundation on which all our relationships are remains constant and powerful. There is lot to love our mothers for paying due respects to the mothers, without them there is no entity and selflessness and we can call “society” would not exist.

Mothers Day 2012 Celebrated In The Entire World
Mothers Day 2012 Celebrated In The Entire World

Mother’s Day In Pakistan

In Pakistan Mother’s Day is celebrated on Sunday May 13th, 2012. We dadicate various type of gifts, flowers and other occasionally things that we can offer to our mothers to increase our love with her. At present, besides US the Mother’s Day is celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May in several countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, inland etc.

Mother’s Day In India

The people of India celebrate “Mother’s Day” on March 5th of every year. Most of the things that comes our life one by two and threes by dozens and hundreds. Shining of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, and plenty of brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only the mother in the whole world. Although giving respect to the mothers is not a new festival in Indian Philosophy. But the concept of the “Mothers Day” or the day which is dedicated to mothers something which is very new looks for the people of India. everybody celebrates “Mother’s Day” based on his religious concept. Everyone tries to give something special to their mother. Also, there are various communities level occasions held in India.