Nail Care Tips & Nail Care Manicure


nail-care-tips-nail-care-manicureNail Care Tips  | Nail Care Manicure – Nails are the tiny features of our body but do the great work of protecting our fingers from external pressures. Little effort in caring nail brings big changes in your looks. It will surely gives you the positive status in social gathering and in personal hygiene.

The following tips to be remembered for healthy and sexy nails:

  • Keep the watch at the health of your nails, these may be not week to break and get brittle and rough.
  • Use calcium, iron, potassium and vitamin B in your diet with sufficient amount of water and juices or fresh fruits in your diet.
  • Keep them in proper length and according to the trends as the nail get out from the pinkish skin they require maintenance.

Nail Care Tips

  • Do filing of nails in proper way as it should be from corners to center and in one direction so that the grooves not formed in nails or they not get uneven.
  • Keep the cuticle away from the nails as it will hinder the growth of the nails. It should be pushed away manually or with tools.
  • After nail filing do buffing which give shine and smoothness to the nail surface. Starts from the cuticle and then toward the tip of the nail with equal pressure. Back and forth movements make the breakage of the nail.

Nail Care Manicure-

  • While using nail polishes keep the base coat of primer.
  • Not to use your nails as tools, avoid picking, scratching, digging and stretching from nails.
  • Wear gloves while doing work with something harsh for nails.
  • Trim your nails regularly and according to latest trends to add beauty to this feature, because can’t be hidden by any way.