Nail Polish Color Trends Spring 2011


Nail Polish Color Trends Spring 2011There are many gorgeous and utterly fresh 2011 nail polish trends. There’s bright Regatta blue, golden yellow Beeswax, Silver Cloud gray, creamy green Peopod, teal Blue Curacao, Honeysuckle pink, Russet brown, Coral Rose orange, Silver Peony pink, and classic Lavender. It’s almost sandal season again which, aside from warmer weather and longer days (finally), can only mean one thing: time for pedicures.

But before you pull out your stash of nail polish from last summer, take a look at what’s hot this season. Put down the neon and make way for pastels and nudes. Fashion shows besides enchanting us with the too-good-to-be-true fashion creations would also offer us a detailed insight into the upcoming beauty trends.

# Nudes
# Pastels
# Grays

Nude-as-naked nails look refreshingly demure, yet provocative. Make sure your polish comes in a high-gloss formula so you don’t end up looking like you have mannequin hands. Shop more beauty must-haves in our guides to the best mascara, lip balms, and eyeshadow.