Natural Beauty Tips For Fair Skin


Natural Beauty Tips For Fair SkinWe see girls using so many unhealthy an unsafe products to get beautiful and fair skin, but normally these things work for very short time of periods and you start seeing the side effects as soon as you stop using these things, so if you really want to have fair skin then here are some home remedies for you that will help you get fairer and smoother skin.

First thing that I will recommend you to do is eat healthy and try to eat as many healthy and fresh uncooked as much possible, cause when we cook something we actually kill or burn the basic and important minerals and vitamins and there are millions things that you can eat without cooking, like you can eat all the green and healthy salads and you can eat almost all leafy vegetables including baby spinach, mint, coriander, and many more and you use fresh and healthy juice and never underestimate the importance the water, you cannot substitute it with juices, even if healthy.

Natural Beauty Tips For Fair Skin-

Now we will discuss some simple ways to get beautiful fair and healthy natural skin.

Tea water and honey mask is great thing to get the beautiful fair completion and you just need a cup of tea water and two tablespoon rice flour and just half tablespoon of honey and the mask is ready, you need a thick consistency and apply it over your face for 15-20 minutes and then scrub it off and wash your face with chilled water for fair complexion.

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Oats and lemon face pack is very good for your skin, as we all know that oats are one of the best thing that you can use to get beautiful and smooth skin and lime and lemon are the best things that you can use to get fair and flawless skin and if we use them together then we will get the best skin ever, and you can use this combination in any way at all, but this mask is best for your skin, you need one tablespoon oats, but you need to cook them and the mash them, you can use uncooked too, but cooked one will make a fine paste now add one tablespoon of fresh lime juice and if you have sensitive or dry skin then add a bit glycerin or water and make a fine past with that and apply that over your face for half an hour or so and then scrub it off and this will give you fairer skin and remove the dead cells and unhealthy dirt and particles form your skin and it will help you with your facial hair too.

Turmeric and lemon mask can be a great choice for that too and you can mix turmeric with plain milk or you can mix it with lemon and apply it over your face and then scrub it off after 30 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water.