Natural Cures for Hives


Natural Cures for HivesAppearance of hives, medically known as urticarial, is a common problem faced by mostly people at any stage of life. Basically it is an allergic condition wherein, the patient experiences itchy and swollen welts on the skin. The discharge of chemical “histamine” in the bloodstream is the main cause of the occurrence of hives.  The people who have allergies from dander, pollen, seafood and dusts, are more prone to get affected by this skin disorder. Furthermore, stress, medicines, sunrays, harsh weather conditions and viral infections can also cause hives. The appearance of hives isn’t a severe medical condition; one can easily treat them at home using some natural techniques. Read through the article to find out some effective remedies for curing hives.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well-known for its skin-friendly nature and it has been widely used for treating many skin issues. It has same benefits for treating hives. The anti-inflammatory properties of this natural herb help you get relief from the swelling and itchiness. The remedy is very simple, just take a fresh aloe leaf and scrap out its pulp by cutting it in half. Now apply it on the affected area of skin. Repeat this remedy several times a day.

Green Tea

Another most effective remedy for getting rid of itchiness and swelling caused by hives is using green tea compress. For this, you need 2-3 bags of green tea which have been steeped in hot water for at least two minutes. Cool down the teabags by keeping them in refrigerator for about half hour. Then, place the green teabags on the affected skin for 10-20 minutes. After the recommended period, wash your skin thoroughly.

Mint & Sandal Wood

Applying the combination of smashed mint leaves and sandalwood oil on the infected skin area is also a wonderful treatment for curing hives. Both ingredients have great cooling effects on the skin and help lessen the ache and tenderness.