Natural Curly Hair Styles


Curly hairs are the desire of many of us and sometimes we spend much to make them as such. The curly hairs are to be handled in different way then the straight hairs. Usually the curly hairs are inherited factor and the genetically controlled curly hairs have texture different from the artificially curled. The natural curly hairs need some extra care in their styling, in their maintenance and keeping them healthy.

However the following tips must be considered while having the naturally curly hairs.

  • The naturally curly hairs are usually dry in texture, due to this reason they get to be easily tangled and have frizzy look. So these hairs require the moisturizing treatment which can not be neglected in any case for their health.

Natural Curly Hair Styles

  • These hairs to be washed frequently or at daily basis because they can trap the dirt within them very easily but due to their dry texture the daily use of shampoo is not advised.
    These hairs are conditioned regularly and deep conditioning is done once in a month.

Natural Curly Hair Styles

  • Use the brush with wide toothed or the wooden comb with opened bristles other wise they get more tangled and will damage.
    Allow them to dry in air not with the blow drier because it will make them frizzy.

Blake Lively Prom Hair Style


  • The styles of curly hairs to be chosen in the direction of their natural curls .tapering the ends of the hairs and reducing the volume of hairs at the back give the good look to your hairs.

Natural Curly Hair Styles

  • A layering cut will also work well for the curly hairs. Longer cuts prevent the curls from sticking.
  • Highlighters may be used at the curls framing the face open up your features.

So some extra care you can make your curls glorious.