Natural Hair Care


Hair Styles For Round FacesNatural Hair Care – The hair care is the important factor in beauty care regimen. Hair care associated with one of the important constituent of beauty and health. The natural hair care is viable option. The natural hair care depends upon the natural texture of the hair; the basic incentive behind the natural hair care is that the techniques and products to be used are mostly toxic and damaging for the scalp. So closeness to nature will certainly helps to define the natural texture of the hair.

The following things to be taken in to consideration while talking about natural hair care. The natural hair care does not mean that you will stick to old fashioned techniques and styles but to maintain the natural texture of the hair.

The following areas are covered with natural hair care:

  • Chemical treatment of hair.
  • Use of the hair products.
  • Hair straightening techniques.

Natural hair care keeps the texture secure whether it is curly or black or in any other texture.


There are following reasons to go for natural hair care:

The FDA results show that the chemical hair relaxers particularly used for dyeing the hair have very damaging effects on the scalp. The permanent scalp damaging occurs.

  • Hair cuticle damage occurs due to the thermal straightening techniques. It will induce the thermal damage of the hair shaft.
  • Traction alopecia occurs due to the weaves and extensions used. This is due to the benign clip in hair extensions.
  • Keratin technique is least in damaging the hair but it is too expensive.


Keep your hair style short and allow it to grow as it will be. If the hair is coarse and difficult to manage use the serums which have anti frizz qualities.

  • Use the jojoba oil to manage the tangles of the hair. Massage the hair at night and after asking so that the moisture is restored. Jojoba oil is ideal for dangling hair.
  • Comb your hair with wide bristles comb so that avoid any breakage of hair shaft.
  • Deep protein conditioner is used once in a week to retain the shinier texture of the hair.