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Natural Ingredients To Make Face Toners

Natural Ingredients To Make Face TonersThere are some very simple masks and some simple tips that you can use to look flawless and effortless, if you use any of these tips on regular basses then you will look like celebrity without any cosmetic or fake thing so here are some of world’s famous tips for you.

Use apple cider vinegar as your skin tone and in your drinks twice a day with some hot water and it will maintains the PH balance of your skin and body and it will help your oily pores too.

Make a mask with oatmeal, lemon juice, yogurt, chopped parsley, olive oil and use as quick face toner for emergency and beauty trick and it will make you look like the hot spot of any party.

Plain egg whites can help your looks and your wrinkles without any doubt, egg whites make your wrinkle go visible quickly an at the same time they will shrink your pores too, just apply one egg white for 15 minutes then wash it off with cold water and you would look 5 years younger.

Lavender oil is very good for clean and healthy looking skin and it has some marvelous antibacterial properties too and it heels small or mild cuts and burns too and if you apply it every day regularly it will heal broken skin too.

If you can get some goat milk then add a pinch of turmeric in uncooked goat milk and get some shiny and bright fair skin in one week, just apply it and wash it after 20 minutes every day.

If you got a sudden pimple and you are getting late to get somewhere important then use tooth paste and by the time you will reach there it will keep the pimple look less red and almost healed, try to use something with mint though, of you can try some vodka or some brandy drops over there too and it will make this pimple goo with no time.

One of the best toner from Spain are the mixture of Rose marry, thyme ,white wine ,rosemary and mint and it has some magical power to give you wild looking beauty.

Keep your skin clean and for that you can use plain yogurt and if you add one table spoon lemon in it then it will act like any best skin cleaner of the world.

One of the simplest trice to look good is, smile and smile from your heart, even if you are not happy and this smile will make you happier and prettier.

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