Natural Looking Beach Curls in Under 20 Minutes


Its a desire for every woman that she get a style which is look quite unique and stylish as it can help her in making her personality more beautiful and impressive. So for that sake a lot of fashion designers and style experts are working curiously and they have launched a lot of the new style and got appreciation from the people.

Here i am also going to let you introduce with a hairstyle which can not be said as quite new in the fashion market but it has not become very common among the women but has become quite famous after some of the celebrities wear it. That is Natural Looking Beach Curls and let you know that how you can get that style in just 20 minutes.

Natural Looking Beach Curls in Under 20 Minutes!

Natural looking beach curls in under 20 minutes

First of all wash you hair with the shampoo and then let it dry a bit then spray on you air and using hair dryer make you hair semi dry. Either your hairs have waver or not it is useful for everyone. Now move on and part you hairs in to 4 equal sections. Don’t you need to section the hair in 4 perfect manners, tie all the sections and keep them away from each other as you can see into the picture then use hair spray and sprinkle on each of your section.

Now the real move start twisting your hairs in the direction in which you want you hair to be curled on (Keep twisting until it tightens to the point it starts to coil on its own.) When the hair got rolled on by themselves due to twisting, you can use bobby pins to keep them tie.

Now start blowing your hair until they got completely dry as you should know the more they are dry most they will get curly. Now its time to undo all the procedure, so undo the bobby pins and take your buns out of their coil. Use your fingers to separate the hairs from each other. Here you have got the Natural Looking Beach Curls in under 20 minutes.