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Natural Makeup For Dark Skin Tones

Natural Makeup For Dark Skin Tones-01If you have dark skin and you think that it is very impossible to get a fascinating look then you are underestimating your looks and your skin, you were born with the skin girls kill for and the only thing you need to do is look after the natural gift and practice and see what is good for you, if you were wounding that if the skin care is different for you then the answer is No, you can follow the same rules and you can follow then same night routine that fairer skin girls do, just don’t mess with your skin too much, you actually don’t need to apply things to fix it, cause you have beautiful skin which will never let you down you just need to clean and moisturizer and scrub three times a week and mask twice a week , drink lots of water and use sunblock.

Now we will show you some simplest and the easiest ways to get natural look, if you have dark skin then trust me you can be as crazy as possible and it will look good an fascinating, but if you want a simple nude and natural look then follow these steps.

Natural Makeup For Dark Skin Tones-

First of all apply a same or one tone lighter foundation on your face, best way to do is apply some moisturizer on your washed face and take some foundation on your hands and rub it between your palms till you feel the creamy moisture and apply over your face with your hand and rub a bit from chine to forehead and let it get absorbed completely, I bet you would not have any mark or scar, but if you have then apply concealer a bit before your massage.

Natural Makeup For Dark Skin Tones-0

The key to get a natural look is use natural shades, use the lightest maroon on your cheeks and rub it with sponge and blend and use the same shade on your eyes and blend it well and pay attention on your lashes cause that is the highlight of your look, apply transparent mascara and you can get a shiny black one too and apply three coat of it and use curler too, if you don’t want to get notices then don’t use liner or anything, but dusting a chocolate-toned shadow over lids will make you look classy and natural too and if you want to use liner then lightly dot along your lash line with a brown felt-tip liner and then use the thinnest brush you have to apply it all the way from one corner to other.

Natural Makeup For Dark Skin Tones

Don’t use lip close, use lipstick and then apply some transparent lip gloss and rub it over your lips it get shiny look.

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