Natural Remedies For Fighting Body Odor


Body odor is one of the major concerns of people. While several people deodorant to get rid of this pesky condition, others prefer to fix the problem naturally.

Whether skin is sensitive enough to bear the chemicals or you simply believe more in natural remedies there are a number of ways to neutralize the odor without synthetic chemicals. Below given are some simple yet effectual and inexpensive natural remedies for fighting bad body odor.

Causes Of Body OdorNatural Remedies For Fighting Body Odor

Sweating is a symbol of healthy skin. When you sweat; your body purifies as all the toxins and other unhealthy elements are removed from the body. However; when you consume poor, unhealthy or junk food, fetid perspiration started. Pungent foods like garlic or onion also contribute pungent body smell. If improper diet is- the chief cause behind bad body odor, there are a number of natural remedies available.

Dietary treatments

  • Countless dietary supplements are there that can facilitate the elimination of body odor.
  • First of all apple cider vinegar (ACV)! Oral consumption of one tbsp. ACV twice or thrice daily can help you out a lot in this regard. The cleansing properties of ACV eliminate body odor despite its own particular smell.
  • Secondly; tea! Not only the tea is delicious and freshens you up in no time and offers several health benefits, it also help reducing bad odor. Try saga tea or kiombucha (a fermented Chinese tea) and see the wonder it works to eliminate body odor.
  • Baking soda! Application of baking soda to the armpit or feet is also on effective way to neutralize body odor. You also want to add baking soda to bathing water.