Top 6 Natural Remedies For Freckles & Glowing Skin

Natural Remedies for Freckles
Natural Remedies for Freckles

Natural remedies for freckles & Glowing skin with crystal fair complexion is the desire of every one. But what happens as if some spots appear on the skin either in form of acne pimples or freckles. All these cause irritation when ever we face the people or get exposed in front of open air. We get frustrated to see in mirror.

Here some of the Natural Remedies for Freckles to remove  are given with effective results:

Freckles are the spots or the pigmentation of skin which causes the skin to become darker. At the spots the skin become darker leaves the remaining skin lighter in color.
There are different methods of removing freckles some are natural and some are with proper medicinal and skin treatment methods as lasers. The natural methods are easier in use and also cheaper.


Wash the face thoroughly after cleansing it with some suitable cleanser. Apply the sour cream of milk with gentle rubbing at the freckles. Leave it overnight and rinse the face at morning. After repeated use for some weeks it will remove the freckles from the face.


  • Wash the skin of face or the effected area with the mild cleanser and rub the extract of lemon or lemon juice on it. It will be left for an hour and then rinse with cold water. After washing apply the moisturizer because it will leave the face dry.


  • All fruits and vegetables have replenished supply of vitamins and minerals. These are beneficial for health either taken orally or applied superficially on the skin. Their best work is seen when these are taken internally as well as externally. The fruits as apricot, strawberries, avocado, apples, and oranges are the best suited to remove the freckles from the skin. Among vegetables as cucumber, red carrots , potato slices are the best to lighten the freckles. The masks of these are prepared with combination of extract with some base as corn flour or egg white.


  • Slightly warm honey is the best for the removal of freckles. It is applied by gentle rubbing at the spots for three to four minutes. Then it is washed with warm water. Afterward rinse the face with cold water to neutralize the stimulated skin glands. The wheat germ is also combined with the honey to make its consistency more thick and for proper staying on the skin.


  • Apply yellow mustard seeds on the skin by grinding them in milk. This mustard powder cream with milk is applied at night and rinsed at morning. It will be very effective in removing the freckles from the skin.


  • Avoid sunlight as much as possible because the ultraviolet radiations are the most harmful factor for skin.
    Drink lot of juices with vitamin C as it is the natural and permanent cure of the freckles.

 Natural Remedies For Freckles & Glowing Skin  Natural Remedies For Freckles & Glowing Skin  Natural Remedies For Freckles & Glowing Skin