Natural Skincare Secrets for a Robust Combination Skin


Skincare SecretsCombination skin is a most common and perhaps the most tough-to-deal-with skin type. It has the features of both oily as well as dry skins. The T-zone, which features forehead, nose and chin areas, is oily whereas the skin around the eyes plus the cheeks is dryer. The beholders of combination skin use to have tough time when it comes to care for their skin and maintain its health and radiance. Currently I came across a few best secrets for a robust combination skin;


Usually those having combination skin cleanse their face considering the oily zones only. This can actually aggravate the problem ladies! Ditch the harsh soaps and acne cleansers immediately. Create your own liquid cleanser instead by liquefying a quality soap by pouring some boiling water in it. Once the soap is dissolved add a little amount of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of essential oils e.g. lemon and lavender oil to it. Use this magic potion to cleanse your face regularly.


A facial mask deep cleanses your skin, pulling out any impurities from the pores. Although a clay mask works best for almost all skin types but it may prove a bit dehydrating for your combination skin. A gel mask is much better alternative for your particular skin type. Create a gel mask at home by pulverizing a fresh cucumber using a large aloe leaf. Spread the mask over you face evenly for half an hour and finally rinse off with cool water.


A balancing toner soothes the irritated skin and reduces its oiliness. Rosewater is a natural toner for combination skin. Or you can also make a toner with cucumber juice. If your skin is more on oily side, also use astringents like witch hazel.

Skincare Secrets-Combine three parts of floral water with one part witch hazel and add a little apple cider vinegar too. Use the potion onto the oily zone to relieve oiliness.