Natural Treatment For Dandruff and Hairfall


Dandruff is the scalp conditions in which there are white flakes appear in hairs, which are itchy and in form of scales appear. These are often asymptomatic but some times cause the fall of hairs.

Natural Treatment For Dandruff

Natural Treatment For Dandruff and Hairfall

The dandruff may be caused by the following factors:


  1. Impairment of the general health.
  2. Development of toxic conditions in the scalp as improper shampooing or hair care product.
  3. Constipation.
  4. Some fungal infection.
  5. Sometimes the environmental factors as pollution or the climate near the industrial are may cause the dandruff.


  • The best solution of dandruff is to drink a least 10 glass of water daily.
  • The fenugreek seeds also do good job in removal of dandruff. These are soaked in water overnight and at morning grind them and apply them in hair for two to three hours and then washed with sikaki herb.
  • The application of yogurt in hairs is effective against dry dandruff.
  • The green gram powder also removes the dandruff when this powder is mixed with the curd and applied on hairs for two hours and then rinsed.
  • The lime juice also helps in removing the dandruff when a cup of it is mixed in the bath tub.
  • Snake gourd has the ability to remove the dandruff when applied in hairs.
  • The beet roots when boiled in water and is massaged in the scalp it will help to remove the dandruff.
  • Grind the onion and the paste is applied on the hair it will surely remove the dandruff from the hairs. The lemon juice may be added in to it to remove the smell of the onion.


  1. Keep the hair clean.
  2. Take dietary products which are not much spicy and close to nature.
  3. Try to avoid the undesirable environmental factors as sun rays and polluted air.

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